Information Day on the 2024 PERTE of Industrial Decarbonization

Mihaela Laima Popova

Mihaela Laima Popova

CADE was present at the informative session on January 22 in Toledo regarding the PERTE (Energetic Project for Recovery and Ecological Transition) for Industrial Decarbonization, organized by the Ministry of Economy, Companies, and Employment of the Regional Government of Castilla-La Mancha. The session featured the participation of Javier Rosell, General Director of Companies.


The manufacturing industry in Spain contributed 11.3% to the national GDP, generating an added value of €136,251 million in 2021, representing 73.6% of the industrial added value. Despite its economic importance, this key sector in Spain is responsible for 21% of the total greenhouse gas emissions in the country. Its processes, predominantly focused on heat generation, depend heavily on fossil fuels, posing a significant challenge in terms of sustainability.

For this reason, the urgency to decarbonize its processes becomes a priority, aligning with the goal of achieving climate neutrality by 2050, as established in the Integrated Energy and Climate Plan (PNIEC) 2021-2030 and the Long-Term Decarbonization Strategy 2050.

In this context, the Industrial Decarbonization PERTE stands as a strategic tool with clear objectives.

A total mobilization of investments amounting to €11.8 billion is projected throughout the duration of the PERTE. From this budget, €3.17 billion will be contributed by the public sector, while €8.7 billion will come from private investments, distributed across four key action lines:

  1. Support lines for comprehensive decarbonization actions in the manufacturing industry.
  2. Support line endorsed by the European Commission for manufacturing companies participating in the Important Project of Common European Interest (IPCEI), focused on the renewable hydrogen industrial chain, following state guidelines on climate, environmental protection, and energy in 2022 (CEEAG in English).
  3. Study and evaluation for the development of a Fund to support carbon difference contracts and the implementation of a pilot project.
  4. Support for the development of new, highly efficient and decarbonized manufacturing facilities.

It is anticipated that the effective application of this budget will generate a series of significant positive impacts for the Spanish economy.

Call for the Comprehensive Action Line of the PERTE

The first call for proposals under the PERTE framework, recently published in the Official State Gazette by the Ministry of Industry and Tourism, has a total allocation of €1 billion, evenly distributed between grants and long-term loans intended for the comprehensive action line of the PERTE for Decarbonization. The application period begins on January 24 and extends until April 17, 2024. Companies have the opportunity to apply for these grants individually or in collaboration with energy service companies, knowledge providers, investors in the main facility, and other companies in the manufacturing industry committed to the decarbonization of the main installation. It is imperative that each application is focused on a unique flagship project, consisting of primary projects aimed at the decarbonization of a main installation. These primary projects must be classified within the specified action lines.

CADE in industrial decarbonization projects.

CADE is a company with an extensive track record in renewable energy projects and is an expert in disruptive technologies for industrial decarbonization. A good example of this is our solidTES thermal storage solution, which already includes third-generation solutions with its electrified monolit-e and megalit-e systems.
Demonstration of the monolit-e thermal storage system at the Cade Factory
With the monolit-e and megalit-e systems, CADE is the ideal company to collaborate on projects in line 1, focused on the reduction of direct emissions, as part of its comprehensive energy management of industrial processes. Moreover, CADE excels in line 3, participating in the implementation of renewable energy facilities for self-consumption in industrial processes. It integrates monolit-e or megalit-e systems into electricity or thermal energy production facilities, harnessing sources such as wind energy, photovoltaic solar, the power grid, concentrated solar heat, hydrogen, renewable gases, and biomass. Thanks to these capabilities, CADE positions itself as a key element in the projects submitted by manufacturing sector companies to the PERTE, offering extensive possibilities and opportunities for the industry.

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